About TripYar

About us:

TripYar started on 14 May 2015 with the idea of creating "Iran Tourism Web" containing all the general information about Tourism in Iran; such as general information of Tourist Attractions, Accommodations and Local Tour Guides for Iran in every city and province of Iran. We try our best to have a part in making your trips to Iran much more comfortable, easy and affordable.

Our Mission:
We aim and try to expand the tourism industry of Iran, so that we can set a solid foundation for this newly established industry in our country. Our mission is to support freelance local tour guides and Drivers to run their business easily with the idea of Fair Travel and Sustainable Travel for everyone. And 1% of our income always goes to Environmental Activies.

Our Experts:
Trekking this road would not have been possible without the constant presence and efforts of dear friends and coworkers such as Shiva Alirezayi and Farid Pourbozorg with whose assistance and cooperation we were able to take huge steps in speeding up the process of developing Tripyar. 

From left ,Shiva Alirezayi, tourist attractions’ administrator, Farid Pourbozorg, website programmer and the accommodation’s manager, and Saeed Alizadeh, the site manager.

What makes Us different:

  • we value your time, money and passion to travel 
  • we offer reliable and passionate tour guides and drivers
  • we are proud of our friendly and great customer service
  • we are responsible travel organization


Your Travel Partner in Iran