Varkaneh Village

About: Varkaneh Village

Varkaneh village of Hamadan is one of the six touristic villages of Hamadan, it is registered in the list of national relics and is considered as the special touristic area of the country. Varkaneh village is unique for using native and local materials, especially the stony materials are unique and the usage of stony as a common and popular material is apparent clearly in the face of the village.

The background of Varkaneh village goes back to more than 400 years. Its first and eldest neighborhood is Darb Masjed.

General Specifications
In Kurdish Kaneh means spring
Atleast 400 years
Local products and souvenirs
Fruits such as Walnut, Apple and Apricot
The Stone Village of Hamadan
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Nearest tourist attractions
Mehri Khanom Castle
Access route
Hamedan, 20 kilometers southeast of Hamedan city, Varkaneh village
Access to vehicles
Where to go from Varkaneh Village ?
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