Nazar Garden of Kazerun

East side of Entezami street, southwest of Kazerun, Fars, Iran
About: Nazar Garden of Kazerun

Nazar Garden is the name of a garden and neighborhood where Ali Qoli Khan-e Afshar established in 1737 in the western south of Kazerun town of Fars province in a close distance to the town, and it was eventually placed inside the town after the town was expanded. Nazar Garden of Kazerun is a refreshing and pleasurable garden which most of its trees are tall sour orange trees, and there are some Pomegranate, date and Aegle marmelos trees. This garden is now used as a recreational place and a park by people.

General Specifications
Nazar Garden
Appellation of Nazar Garden is that if you change the word, "Nazar" into Abjad system the sum will be the number 11150 which is the construction date of the garden. (In solar calender)
300 years
Khwaja Ali Quli Khan Afshar
Special features
The abundance of bitter orange trees in this garden has turned it into one of the symbols of nature in the city of Kazerun.
Best time to visit
Late winter until early fall.
Duration of visit
Atleast one hour
Nearest tourist attractions
Davan village
Perfect activity for a rainy day?
Access route
East side of Entezami street, southwest of Kazerun, Fars, Iran
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